JACK BILLINGS PRESENTS: Me and My Neighbor Michael

Episode 50: Mr. Billings, I Do Not Joke.

August 4, 2020

For our 50th episode extravaganza, we go to the exciting world of... the public bus?!?! We meet several of the people that Jack yim-yams about every week, and one that he somehow has no previous knowledge of!


Starshimmer Dragonlilly can be heard on the Star Trek comedy podcast T'Pon's Theater on Subspace, and Ronnie can be seen streaming video games on his Twitch channel Zeno_Nox, and we definitely recommend that you do both of those!

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Email: JackBillingsOfficial@gmail.com

Theme song "Bill of Sale" by Kyle Check of Devil's Advocate www.Facebook.com/DevilsAdvocateMetal

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