JACK BILLINGS PRESENTS: Me and My Neighbor Michael

Episode 51: Jack, Let’s Talk About What Your Problem Is.

August 11, 2020

That pesky realtor is back at it, trying to sell the Murder House! That won't stand, as Jack would rather the property sink into the ground than have to deal with new neighbors. Which, now that I think about it doesn't make sense, because he's always going out of his way to meet new neighbors. Whatever. Anyway, The Realtor, Trixie Smithson has just about had it with Jack's shenanigans, so she comes over to confront him. Little does she know that Jack has some back-up. 

Trixie Smithson has a Twitch channel where they do amazing art, and sometimes plays video games, it's Twitch.tv/TinyNeenja, and on Twitter @TinyNeenja


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